How the Seminatural Philosophy Can Create Green Water-free Views for All Kinds of Space


Nowadays the need for a sustainable Interior Design is very well-known and constitutes one of the challenges we will have to face in the near future. This is poignantly evident especially when it comes to the creation of green areas and spaces where natural decorations require a significant quantity of water regularly used for their maintenance.

As a matter of fact, water consumption and wastage is already a major issue in several regions of the world where climatic conditions, coupled sometimes with an unwise exploitation of natural resources, has caused major cities to develop and implement strategies to drastically lower their water needs.

After all, the effects of water scarcity are already tangible in certain areas, and, in the long run, the issue will affect whole populations on a global scale, unless measures are taken to contain the effects.

Actually, when we think about large metropolis and their multiple attractions, it is easy to see how much good water is consumed which we could easily avoid.



The Shopping Center can be considered a case in point - under many aspects – of the pros and cons of this trend.

A staple in everybody’s life, the principal aim of today’s shopping malls is to provide a fresh, rich, comfortable experience for the users and guests of the area. And while consumers’ needs become more and more complex, the feel for a natural contact becomes paramount in attracting foot traffic and ultimately boosting the number of visitors.

Of course, this reflection might be easily extended to other indoor environments such as spas, airports, restaurants, etc.

If such a scenario is in stark conflict with our planet’s exigencies, the Seminatural philosophy provides a smart solution and a revolutionary way to reconcile the need for green environments in large interior spaces with a sustainable lifestyle and respect for our ecosystem.

In fact, Ila Seminatural Trees are created with 100% natural trunks – dried and treated according to organic methodologies of preservation – and use artificial leaves and flowers to provide a unique, green atmosphere in every environment.

They do not require any maintenance and do not need water, thus being absolutely sustainable and perfect for such type of requirements. A perfect match of uncompromised beauty and a smart use of our Planet’s resources, Ila Seminatural Trees, Vertical Gardens and decorations will provide an authentic natural feel, will greatly enhance the shopping experience of the visitors and will have no impact whatsoever on water consumption issues that are proving so crucial for the global ecosystem.



For more than 30 years Ila’s designers have dreamed, designed and created green indoor environments which do not waste any of the precious resources we were asked to wisely manage.

In these critical times we are not allowed any delays in our decisions and the strategies we implement today might have a serious impact on the near future.

The Seminatural method of production and the Jungle Concept Design philosophy create unique, timeless green decorations without upsetting the environmental balance.