Ideas for a unique and unforgettable wellness center


In today’s fast and hectic life spas have become not simply places of relaxation, but precious moments, essential for our lives.

In fact, the time we spend in wellness centers demands us to slow down our body and thoughts, giving us minutes of utter tranquility.

And their magic, the power of an experience which is completely counterintuitive with respect to our way of living and feeling our daily lives, actually comes from those hints that the arranged sceneries are able to create.

Actually, the great importance given to spa design stems from the belief that to obtain the best from your wellness center experience pools, jacuzzis, saunas and steam rooms are not enough.

Instead, users demand more and more an experience complete and multisensory. Not just the pleasure of warm water and a massage, but pleasant sensations for our view, nice sounds, stimulating smells…

Much more than a practical relaxation, welleness centers strive today to offer total and transcendental sensory experiences that can bring us into contact with our most secret and true spirit of ourselves and, ultimately, with Nature itself.

It is the task of the designer to organize spaces, sounds, smells and the whole perceptions of a wellness center by making all the aspects cohere emotionally.


Owing to the great flexibility they bring to all aspects of architecture and design – as they are faithful representations of a wild and pristine nature and completely customizable in shape and size – seminatural decorations are the perfect tool to reach the goals and the aesthetic effects we have talked about.

Here are some seminatural ideas by Ila designers which may inspire you in making your spa, not merely a location, but an unforgettable experience.

A green waterfall

All ila creations come from the Jungle Concept Design philosophy. But the Green Stream Vertical Garden is certainly among the most iconic and noteworthy models ever created.

Mainly using long climbing bushes in various shades of green, Green Stream creates a soft design in a descending movement. The artistic inspiration comes from the soft and essential brushstrokes of Impressionist painters.

The effect of this portrait of nature on the viewer is claming, relaxing and soothing.

A charming Nature: cozy, warm and satisfying; design emotions perfect for a wellness center.

The essential is invisible to the eyes

Sometimes green decorations are beautiful and efficient rightly  because they are felt, instead of seen.

After all, as objects of decoration, plants must go along with the realx experience, without obscuring it. Whispering, instead of shouting. Suggesting emotions, without being noticed.

In this way only the massage can really arrive to the unconscious.

Ila Longifolia Fuji Trees in this image are unique pieces and the perfect example of this concept.

Designed to be agile, light, discrete, versatile and suitable for all spaces. They can decorate small as well as large areas in an elegant, unintrusive way.

Another way to, accompany your design with greenery is to utilize artificial and seminatural trees to create smart and colorful dividers, without worrying about their maintenance.

A consistent green design

Particularly for spa design it is fundamental that the environment be not only aesthetically pleasant, but it also must have a intense and profound meaning, both from the botanic and cultural point of view.

For example, a bamboo forest can remind us of those oriental sceneries of deep concentration. In the image here, the canes evoke a perfect environment to accompany a yoga lesson or a session of zen meditation.