Vertical Gardens by Ila are the perfect solution for saving space and feeling immersed in nature within the walls of your office, spa, shopping center, etc. This new breakthrough in garden design provides a great opportunity to create a lighter and wider environment, while maintaining a powerful and sublime atmosphere.

From the smallest bushes to recreate the effect of finely crafted gardens, to large hangings which convey the breathtaking sensation of Nature’s might, Ila Artificial and Seminatural Vertical Gardens offer unprecedented possibilities and complete expressive freedom to designers and architects.

We hand-craft our Vertical Gardens choosing from a large collection of green essences and seminatural elements. Every creation is unique and prepared to fit exactly the local Landscape as well as the Design project.

The intense beauty of our Vertical Gardens is matched by an extraordinary simplicity of use and installation. They do not need any maintenance at all.

0% Maintenance – 100% Eco-Friendly

Our Vertical Gardens do not need any watering, trimming or fertilizers. They will maintain their look for years.

Complete creative freedom

The types, composition and shapes of the green essences and the natural elements can be decided without any limitation. Our collection of “essences” is constantly updated with new leaves and flowers. Each Vertical Garden by ila is a unique piece: colours, shapes, lights and shades can be freely implemented by our designers to enhance the beauty and harmony of the space around us.


Timeless Nature

The beauty of Nature combined with an extreme simplicity of usage. Ila Seminatural Vertical Gardens will maintain their astonishing look forever. Flowers and essences will not rot and will not need to be replaced according to seasonality.

No limits to your creativity

Our seminatural Vertical Gardens allow you to create a breathtaking interior decoration without any limitation. Even when the space is too narrow or too shallow to allow the installation of the complex mechanism of a living green wall, Ila Vertical Gardens give the effect of a lush and luxuriant vegetation.