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The perfect mix between design and sustainability.
Welcome to the world of Seminatural.

Faithful replicas of nature

In all our creations we faithfully respect the beauty of Nature.

Customized to be unique

Each ila Vertical Garden is different and unique: designed and created following the specific desires and requests of our clients.

Paint the World Green

With ila Vertical Gardens we can bring Nature and a Green Touch also in spaces where it is not possible to grow live plants. Hotels, Shopping Centers, Hospitals, but also Offices, Buildings and Private Houses. With ila’s Creations the benefits of Green can arrive everywhere!

ila's Vertical Gardens: an in-depth look

Advantages of ila Seminatural Vertical Gardens

0% Maintenance

Our Vertical Gardens do not need any watering, trimming or fertilizers. They will maintain their astonishing look for years.

100% Eco-Friendly

Our Seminatural Vertical Gardens do not require any effort from Nature. No watering systems, no wastages in water and electricity. The result is a Vertical Garden gentle with Nature that never dies for lack of attention!

Timeless nature

It is difficult to frame Nature in an artificial space, Mother Nature  cannot and must not  follow a man-made design. Sometimes they grow too much or too little, they rot, dry and die – ruining the aesthetic of the composition. Once installed, the shape and composition of a Seminatural Vertical Garden stay the same permanently.

No limits to your creativity

Living plants only grow with the right conditions of light and warmth. They cannot be installed where it’s too hot or too cold or where sunlight is not enough. The Seminatural Vertical Gardens allow our clients to create a breathtaking scenario without any limitation. Even when the space is too narrow or shallow to allow the installation of the complex mechanism of a living green wall.

What makes ila Vertical Gardens unique?

Faithful to your creativity

The design and customizability of ila Vertical Gardens are the seal of their quality. We offer our clients our thirty-year experience for the design of a customized Vertical Garden that will leave everybody speechless in the sacred silence and grandiosity of Nature. Staunchly against any industrial serialization of production, every Vertical Garden is hand-crafted in Italy, by our skilled artisans, and is a precious unique piece.

High quality materials for perfect replicas

Our Vertical Gardens are devised with the aim of being as close as possible to Nature. ila is the only company in the world that has assembled artificial leaves with Natural components like wood, moss and bamboo. Only the best artificial leaves are selected for our Vertical Gardens. The effect is always that of a luxuriant and vibrant Green atmosphere. A green portrait that will resemble Nature even at a close exam.

Easy to install

Installing Ila Vertical Gardens is incredibly easy. The Vertical Garden is already prepared and only needs to be hanged to the wall, securing it with hooks. Ila will provide detailed instructions to make installation even easier respecting the chosen design.

Portraits of Nature

ila Seminatural Trees and Plants look extremely real even at the closest examination. Our Vertical Gardens respect and follow the Laws of Nature and her Logic: the spontaneous, organic combinations of vegetable species and the natural position of growth of the foliage. The in-depth knowledge of Nature is combined with the crafting skills and technology to guarantee to our clients the perfect illusion of natural green.



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