From Dream to Design

The revolution of Seminatural Green Walls by Ila


The invention – or, better, the “discovery” of green walls – has undoubtedly represented a radical development in the essence itself of architecture and interior design.

Whereas the major obstacle in the addition of natural areas for the (public and private) spaces of our daily lives is mainly due to the lack of suitable surfaces for their development, vertical gardens find a new design dimensions and new creative ways for eye-catching decorations.

It is here also possible to recognize an implied criticism towards a culture that privileges isolation, abstractions and prompt satisfaction of one’s desire in the way in which green walls have opened the (closed) spaces of our daily lives (our offices, shopping centers, airports, etc.) to a virtuous continuity with the surrounding landscape. While walls were synonymous with closure and division, now they serve as a surface base and design instrument for creativity.

However, in spite of the originality of this theoretical concept, the introduction of an authentic nature, realistically defined in the logic and geometry of its development, has been so far impossible. This is mainly due to the size and the space occupied by irrigation mechanisms as well as the heavy consumption of water necessary for the maintenance of a lush, tidy and well-tended vertical garden.

For this reason Ila International, a world leader for artificial and seminatural green decorations, brought its 30-year experience in the seminatural technology to create sustainable vertical gardens, easy to install and which require no maintenance.

The secret is in the high quality of the unique materials which are used. The trunks are all 100% natural. They come from the clearing of zones about to be reforested and at the end of their life-cycle are restored, saved from destruction and undergo organic anti-age and anti-parasitic treatments. Thus, they begin a new life as objects of design. Ila’s artificial green essences (leaves, bushes and flowers of various shapes and colors) are studied in the minutest detail to achieve a perfect resemblance to the natural inspiration.

The result is an utterly faithful representation of luxuriant nature, inspired by the Jungle Concept Design, the soul of every Ila project. Crucially, the outcome is obtained with an extreme simplicity of installation which allows engineers, architects and interior designers to do without all those problems that are normally part of the implementation of a green wall.

Ila seminatural vertical gardens are extremely versatile: they are suitable for every surface, they do not require any maintenance and they do not need any water or fertilizers. This smart solution for green decoration merges aesthetic value, comfort, flexibility and certainly will inspire a revolution in the field of interior design decorations.

Thanks to the extreme adaptability to all the requirements of the projects and the possibility to convey substance and tridimensionality to the composition, Ila vision is to make greener all the (small and large) spaces of our daily lives, thereby restoring the feeling of an authentic contact with nature which is disappearing more and more from our modern society.

(Article published in Italian on Platinum: business leaders on-line blog, settembre 2020).