Indoor green decorations in large spaces represents a challenge that requires extreme flexibility.

On the one hand, settings that are rich in high-quality, natural-looking details; on the other, simplicity and speed during transport and installation.

Ila's experience in interior landscaping enables the development of state-of-the-art solutions that meet the needs of architects, designers and decorators.

X-Tree and Modus Tree, the creations of the new Ultra Tree line, combine the efficiency of modular elements with the uniqueness of Ila's trunks, foliage and plants.

The high-quality collection dedicated to large spaces and installations, is characterized by modular elements that are easily transportable and mountable.

With Ultra Tree it is possible to reach any height with ease, taking up as little floor space if necessary, creating simple compositions or large-scale installations.

X-Tree and Modus Tree are designed to go beyond the idea of a simple plant or vertical garden, and they represent a new idea of green decoration.