X-Tree is a creation by Ila that combines the elegance of pure forms with the dynamism of the jungle.

Beyond the concept of a vertical garden or a simple plant, X-Tree enriches the space with refined plant tones and textures, specifically designed to be in harmony with the language of contemporary design.

These natural columns are composed of high quality artificial plants designed by Ila, combined with exclusive treated natural trunks, for a dramatic result. X-Tree is available in the standard size of 225 x 80 cm (variable according to the plants), or created according to needs; the composition of the plants is custom designed in order to enhance the characteristics of the space.

Each element is equipped with retractable wheels, to make installation and any move as easy as possible. X-Tree does not require water, light, fertilizers or pruning: it is a creation that guarantees a natural effect without any maintenance.

Used as a single element, or composed in large installations, it is able to make any environment seem unique.