As it is much appreciated for the energetic beverage derived from its famous beans, the elegance and the beauty of Coffee plants, leaves and flowers often goes unnoticed and it’s a secret known to few.
Coffea plant is in the family of Rubiaceae and it grows in shrubs and trees that can grow up until 3,5 mt. The red fruits similar to berries that grow on top of the wavy leaves actually contain a small treasure within: the renowned coffee “beans” that are the core and origin of the world’s most famous hot drink.
The caffeine contained in the seeds, from which the soft drink derives its famous energetic qualities, is actually a toxic substance of the seeds and a self-defense mechanism that prevents them from being eaten by herbivorous animals. In this way the seeds can spread and give life to many more coffees.
Domestic Coffea is also used as a household plants, but in this case it rarely develops of more than 1 mt. high.