“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I'm possible'!” 

 Audrey Hepburn 

26 Years after her death she is still fondly remembered by everyone who knew her and respected among her colleagues.

26 Years later she is still an icon; a sheer symbol of purity and beauty, elegance and style, sensuality and charisma.

No matter how much the new fashion will try, we will never forget Audrey Hepburn. Her image is forever inscribed in the historical memory of this world, of all of us.


If we should ever think of Audrey’s candid and fresh look – her delicate visage, her tranquil, luminous eyes – in the silhouette of a beautiful flower, a constellation of white cherry blossoms is certainly the first example that comes to mind.

And it is not by chance that this big and delicate tree plays a major, iconic role in Audrey’s famous La Paisible, her villa in Switzerland, open today as a House Museum.


It is in the memory of this immortal fashion figure that ILA has created a faithful replica of Audrey’s Cherry at La Paisible. The tree will be exhibited during the event Intimate Audrey, taking place in Brussels (Belgium) – Espace VanderBorght from 01/05 to 25/08.

All profits of the event will go to EURODIS – Rare Diseases Europe and to Brugmann and Bordet Hospitals in Brussels.


From Icon to Icon, ILA’s White Cherry pays homage to a star that paved the way to the contemporary idea of elegance and whose sheer class still remains unparalleled.



ila installation made in collaboration with BRB Engineering – www.brbsrl.eu