Installing a large tree, with a shape and canopy exactly as desired, capable of thriving in an indoor environment for an extended period, is an extremely complex and costly endeavor. Ila's semi-natural technique offers the opportunity to easily, quickly, and immediately create the main structure of any green space, namely plants and trees of various meters in height, which is extremely advantageous for any interior landscaping project.

Since semi-natural creations do not require either soil or installations to thrive, the volume, weight, and technical complexity of the planters that house them are significantly reduced, as are the management and maintenance costs, which are practically down to zero.

If this custom-made semi-natural component is accompanied by a live undergrowth composed of plants and flowers, the result is a durable indoor garden with overall reduced maintenance, yet capable of providing all the aesthetic and environmental benefits of live plants, such as oxygen, fragrances, and seasonal blooms.

The installation of live plants, albeit in small sizes, at the base of semi-natural trees, entails a significant reduction in soil, installations, maintenance, and planter volume necessary for the overall project's lifespan. For the same reasons, it is convenient and quick to intervene, replacing or changing plants according to needs, with greatly simplified. labor and construction operations.