Greenery inside buildings, although now widely spread, represents a challenge from both a technical and botanical perspective. To date, the approaches taken to address this type of project have been twofold. On one hand, resorting to complex and costly systems for plant maintenance, irrigation, fertilization, and lighting. On the other, oriented towards the realm of artificiality.

Both systems indicate strengths and drawbacks. Therefore, choosing between a living yet extremely expensive ecosystem (live plants) and an eternal but motionless vegetal setting (artificial) is not straightforward. Often, neither option proves to be the best solution for the project, especially as this duality overlooks the fact that today's world is increasingly nuanced, with complex problems that require solutions beyond traditional frameworks.

The innovation developed by Ila, the hybrid landscape, focuses on design quality combined with sustainability. Semi-natural plants, tailor-made with 100% natural treated trunks and zero maintenance, meet an undergrowth populated by live plants, either in soil or hydroponics, adding vitality, colors, and scents to the overall design.

This simple, flexible, and immediately effective solution, minimizes management and maintenance costs while harnessing the full potential of semi-natural plants, with all the advantages of a tailor-made project boasting the quality craftsmanship of Ila. Landa s.p.a.'s booth for the 2024 Light + Building Fair in Frankfurt, realized with the aforementioned hybrid technique, epitomizes the immense value of this innovation.

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