Undisputed king of the Mediterranean landscape, the olive tree (Olea europaea) is an ancient, majestic plant, inextricably linked to the legends, symbology and culture of numerous peoples for millennia.

Its powerful and statuesque silhouette, is unmistakable in the lands lashed by the sun, harsh and difficult locations for most living species.

The olive tree represents the extreme spirit of adaptation, the tenacity and vital force that overcomes adversity; its sacred wood, hard and twisted, is the result of decades of survival in an environment that, also due to climate change, is less hospitable every year.

For more than 30 years Ila has considered trunks as the pulsating heart of its made in Italy production, conducted by master craftsmen who recognize the value and uniqueness of each specimen, and make them tangible by creating timeless works of design.

The new Olive Nabil line is an expression of the most sincere respect for this plant: selected trunks, that are no longer productive or are anticipating death, are saved and find a new life as immortal works of art thanks to the technical expertise of Ila combined with patient work.

The examples of the new Olive Nabil line are vegetable sculptures that pay homage to the hard work of Nature and the hand of man, in a perfect and poetic combination that perfectly expresses the Italian artisan culture.

The process is completely eco-sustainable, and gives life to unique specimens, made to measure and without any need for maintenance: Olive Nabil is not an artificial plant, but the perfect balance between Nature and the world of design.

The extreme innovation linked to this line of creations is due to the fact that, considering the relationship between natural and artificial parts, the result is, to all intents and purposes, a natural plant, putting Olive Nabil well beyond the concept of artificial and even semi-natural.