Ila’s creative philosophy, Jungle Concept Design, that shapes its every creation, is driven by a profound understanding of the intricate workings of nature. Our strength lies going beyond mere replication and instead seeking a profound understanding of its mechanisms, and applying it to the realm of design.


Within both the distant jungles and familiar forests, lies a world brimming with complexity. It is a realm of delicate balances, perpetual transformation, and the eternal dance between life and death.


Drawing inspiration from the majestic oak forests, Ila proudly presents the new Oak line. These magnificent oak specimens forged by the caress of the sun, the embrace of snow, and the fury of lightning, provide shelter to a myriad of life forms, from mosses and lichens to small host plants.


Discover the captivating allure of Jungle Concept Design and experience the timeless beauty of the Oak line by Ila. Immerse yourself in a world where the synergy between nature and design flourishes, offering you an exquisite blend of aesthetics and functionality.