Ila is preparing to introduce the upcoming Oak line, a tribute to a botanical icon deeply ingrained in Western culture throughout the centuries.

Few trees hold as profound a significance in European culture, and beyond, than the oak. With connections to Celtic cults, to Zeus in Greek mythology, and to prominent figures in Christianity, this plant embodies the manifestation of strength and divine power on Earth. So influential is its symbolism that oak leaves are often depicted on the crowns of kings, emperors, and even papal coats of arms.

The oak tree's endurance and longevity are evident in specimens that have stood for over five centuries, recognizable by their hallmarks of twisted, gnarled and mighty trunks and branches.

Ila's forthcoming line pays homage to these iconic trees, offering representations that draw inspiration from both ancient oaks with their rugged grandeur and more refined, elegant forms. The collection combines the artistry of semi-natural techniques with the impeccable craftsmanship of Italian-made products.