In the imagination of Western civilizations, the jungle is often associated with impenetrable lianas and fronds and with the dark depths of green foliage.

In reality, few places tell of such a subtle balance, made of precious details, perfectly captured in its essence by Ila's Jungle Concept Design.

There are infinite shades of green, in nature each is linked to a particular density of chlorophyll within the leaf, so, in other words, light paints different nuances depending on the environment and species.

There are also anomalies, genetic singularities, and mutations, often resulting in the birth of varieties that humans intentionally propagate and cultivate.  Giving rise to precious creations for design and greenery enthusiasts, while in the interest of preserving what makes each plant unique.

The attention to detail and botanical passion that has distinguished Ila for over 30 years makes it possible to have a wide collection of plants and types of foliage, precisely reproduced in all their different shades and tones, to offer a rich palette suitable for every interior landscaping project.