The world of luxury is now sensitive to both beauty and the conscious use of resources, a paradigm that is now universally shared across the globe. Ila's work has always sought a balance between design and the complete absence of maintenance with a view to sustainability.

The renowned international architecture and design firm DAAA Haus has chosen our artificial and seminatural plants to complete the design of the prestigious DoubleTree Hilton Hotel on the island of Malta.

Mediterranean inspirations, precious foliage details and the uniqueness of the natural trunks complement the hotel's interior design, which is brightened up by the elegance of the furnishings, the colours and the made-in-Italy touch.

Ila's creations are a sustainable, made-to-measure and high-impact choice, capable of making every space unique. The particular seminatural technique makes it possible to design installations that are quick to install and long-lasting, with no need for care or use of resources for maintenance.