The Ultra Tree collection emerges as a testament to Ila's expertise in the realm of interior landscaping. It transcends the conventional boundaries of simple greenery to encounter avant-garde design, meeting the contemporary needs of architects and designers seeking to redefine their creative horizons.

X-Tree is an ingenious self-sustaining garden system, representing the synthesis of inspiration culled from the heart of the jungle, and futuristic and elegant shapes, available in a spectrum of colour hues.

Modus Tree, is a modular system that offers an ingenious solution to the logistical challenges of transport and assembly. It allows for the fast realization of grand installations, seamlessly adapting to the needs of large architectural spaces.

The mEating Tree family emerges as a harmonious fusion of two seemingly disparate worlds – furniture and greenery. Weaving a flexible and scenic tapestry that conserves precious floor space, an imperative within the contemporary sphere of interior decoration.

InfiniTree embodies the essence of the semi-natural in its purest, primordial form. It underscores Ila's commitment to the ecological and sustainable facets of her work. A versatile solution for creating modular scenographies, from singular elements to grand installations. Its innate adaptability renders it ideal for temporary and extremely flexible decorations.