“True love is night jasmine, a diamond in darkness,

the heartbeat no cardiologist has ever heard.

It is the most common of miracles,

fashioned of fleecy clouds – handful of stars tossed into the night sky.”

Jim Bishop


The world was made out of heavy and light. Both of them essential, both of them ethereal. Both of them substantially real.

Out of the delicate, ancient harmony all things arise, shape and reshape, mold and define.

A universal symbol of lightness and purity, Jasmine can be in many ways seen as a cleansing gift for the world.

The plant was born originally in south-east Asia, but thanks to its beauty and ability to adapt and blossom in warm and humid climates, it soon spread through the Mediterranean coast. She liked so much the Spanish summer that it developed there her own species: Jasminum Grandiflorum.

The color and scent are legendarily under the eyes of everybody. Its soft elegance has brought whole populations to fall in love with it.

For example, in India and Indonesia the whiteness of Jasmine has been associated with the purity of the bride. Its flowers are woven together to make wedding garlands and necklaces.

Instead, in Thailand it is seen as a symbol of birth and motherhood.

The plant is also very useful as a medicine for her soothing and relaxing properties. Still, in south-east Asia infusion with Jasmine are believed to be an effective cure for liver damages, stomach and abdominal pain. Some groundbreaking research in Western medicine are now discovering the benefits of Jasmine as an anti-cancer treatment.

Jasmine is truly a gift from Nature. Plain and simple, its healing powers make it one of the most loved and celebrated flowers in the world.

A delicate beauty concealing an immense strength.


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