The Cornus genus is a plant that encompasses the temperate regions of the entire globe, spanning from Europe and Asia to the United States and beyond. This shrub or small tree, with its compact and elegant form, has been familiar to diverse peoples and cultures for centuries, playing a fundamental role in both forests and refined gardens.

Currently, the selection of natural species is enriched by crosses and nursery varieties, given the tremendous ornamental potential of these plants and their adaptability to various climatic and architectural contexts.

Abundant blooming characterizes the springtime, with timing varying depending on the species.

Cornus florida has inspired Ila's semi-natural version: two distinct colorations and an extremely accurate reproduction of the flowers, with delicately shaded petals.

Meeting the needs of contemporary spaces that blend design with a commitment to responsible resource management, this new line represents the intersection of tailor-made green creations and the complete absence of maintenance.