Ila's expertise in the realm of interior landscaping decor reaches a pinnacle of grace with "Waves," sculptural elegance in a line of green ceiling installations that seamlessly captures the essence of our design team's refined taste.

The gentle, harmonious curves of these sculptural elements, artfully proportioned with rhythmic geometries, evoke a timeless aesthetic that can effortlessly adapt to various spatial needs. "Waves" breathes life into any environment, offering a fluid, dynamic spatial rhythm.

"Waves" is an ingenious modular design, combining practicality with high decorative value. Panels, available in standard sizes or tailored to your specifications, provide limitless possibilities for composition, creating a symphony of forms or crafting a play of regular geometries.

The installation process remains straightforward and functional, allowing for discreet suspension even with large-scale installations. This results in an ethereal, suspended effect that adds an air of sophistication to any space.