The autumn of 2023 marks the commencement of a new adventure for Ila, now situated in Sardinia alongside Sempreverde, a company with extensive expertise in the realm of meadows and artificial plants.

The recently forged partnership found its first opportunity to showcase its potential at the Autumn Promo Fair in Sassari, where almost 80,000 visitors had the chance to admire 300 different stands for three days, exhibiting Sardinian excellences across various sectors including craftsmanship, design, and furnishing – embracing a touch of greenery too.

The Ila and Sempreverde stand showcases iconic creations, narrating the know-how and expertise of both companies in the field of interior landscaping. A genuine garden where the precision of artificial and semi-natural reproductions combines with innovative decorations, such as Waves, in the new line of ceiling gardens with sinuous shapes.

We invite you to join us on November 18th at 5 PM in Sassari, at Predda Niedda zone, road 18, number 13, for the grand opening of the new showroom. Here, you will breathe in an air of novelty, enriched by all the experience in the Seminatural sector that has distinguished Ila and its partners for years.