The connection between the presence of greenery and an improvement in the psychophysical conditions of people using hospitals and medical facilities has been confirmed by numerous studies.

This reality clashes with the well-known problems and costs of managing plants and gardens, as in any more or less extensive indoor space; in addition to these factors, there is also the potential risk related to the presence of soil and chemical substances inside places that must avoid any risk of contamination.

Ila's creations require no maintenance, contain no soil, produce no organic debris or insects, do not involve the use of fertilisers, and add a touch of natural vitality to any environment, bringing greenery to places where it would not normally be possible.

Exclusively for environments where health safety is a priority, Ila provides special treatments to minimise the risk of undesirable substances being present: the foliage has an integrated anti-dust system, and the pots and their finishing materials are sealed with clear resin.

The logs are dried and professionally treated with natural substances that not only guarantee longevity, but also eliminate any biological host organisms.