Vertical Garden Evolution


VGE  -  Vertical Garden Evolution by ila

So the universe is constantly moving in the direction of higher evolutionary impulses, creativity, abstraction, and meaning. (Deepak Chopra)

The Nature of Evolution

At the core of humankind’s journey through life lies the concept of Evolution. The idea itself is resonant with numerous meanings and aspects. The scientific progress of the last two centuries taught us that Mother Nature’s perfect beauty, as we are used to knowing it, has its roots in the evolutionary instinct that lies even in the smallest seed that composes our habitat.

From the gentleness that stems from the most delicate flower to the overwhelming power of wild forests, at ila we are confronted with the deepest mysteries of nature on a daily basis and the goal of our creations is not just to reproduce the external look of plants and flowers but to unveil that spiritual quintessence that dwells in the infinite realm of emotions, beyond what the eyes can see and the senses can grasp.

Our passionate research has brought us deeper and deeper into the foundations of Nature, of life itself. And just like in biology the evolutionary emphasis has represented the main instrument to achieve Charles Darwin’s renowned “Revolution” which delves into the origin of our own existence, so the evolutionary framework of mind has allowed us to make the next big step in our research and brought us to develop the new groundbreaking concept of Vertical Garden Evolution.

It is in honour of this timeless, inner instinct in Nature that we have chosen to dedicate the innovative concept of production management that is going to revolutionize the way itself in which we approach and think about Vertical Gardens. New innovative materials and an attentive revision of the mechanical structure of production have led us to reform the crafting techniques and thus envision Vertical Gardens in a completely original way.

Vertical Garden Evolution – A Landmark in the Art of Design

Nature is on the Wall

Much of the indescribable beauty of Nature consists in the immense, astonishing variety of forms, colors and shapes which strike upon the human senses and elicit those feelings of amazement and wonder which according to Aristotle – the first biologist ever - are the main cause of the philosophical and scientific instincts of men. We have endeavored to reproduce on your walls the same luxuriousness which influenced Darwin’s famous theory of the Origin of the Species and which has inspired in Man awe and admiration for Nature’s perfection since the dawn of time.

A careful selection of the best materials and attention to the specific features of each variety of plant painstakingly reproduced are the main reason behind Vertical Garden Evolution astonishingly natural look. The effect is exactly the same as a natural vertical garden – allowing nature to grow in a wild, pristine state – but without the problems and costs of watering systems and regular maintenance of the plants. VGE joins the comfort of artificial plants with the beauty of a complete natural-looking environment!

A Completely Customizable Environment

What makes Vertical Garden Evolution special is not only the extensive range of products available at ila, but also the possibility to combine them in a totally free and autonomous way. Thanks to VGE, Vertical Garden design becomes extremely easy and its possibilities are infinite!

Our extensive range of bushes and hangings can be freely distributed along a moss base to suggest various patterns and shapes according to our clients’ tastes and necessities. From the smallest twigs and bushes to recreate the effect of finely crafted elegant gardens with delicate flowery hues, to long and large broad-leafed hangings which energetically convey the breathtaking sensation of being completely immersed in Nature’s might. Several shades of green, red and other colours can be utilized to reach the exact emotions that every color has the power to instill in the soul.

ila’s latest interpretation of Vertical Garden offers unprecedented possibilities to our clients.

With VGE design has never been easier!

(R)Evolutionary Thinking

ila’s Team of experts has always been keen on innovating the market and to constantly renovate our collections. Every achievement is not a goal but is perceived as a step towards a continuous evolution and a determination to always be at the top of the art of design. For this reason, VGE is not so much a product but a concept, a mental framework and a new work ethic that we can apply to all our new creations. New exciting accomplishments await our team, always ready to surprise our clients.

The Revolution of Evolution has just begun!

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