Every creation by Ila encloses a soul: the trunks are the unique and unrepeatable result of Nature's decades-long labour, which the human hand has ultimately delivered to the world of Made in Italy design.

Attention to the environment pervades the life cycle of our plants, starting from harvesting in reforestation areas, where each plant taken is compensated by planting young plants, in equal or greater numbers, to processing, when it becomes a creation destined to last, without any need for resources or maintenance.

If we consider the particular historical moment we are living in, where the search for well-being in indoor spaces clashes with the economic and environmental burden of water and energy resources, the semi-natural technique represents a solution that combines high quality and awareness.

The beauty of the natural trunks, shaped by our expert craftsmen, enhances the richly detailed foliage, that looks fresh and lush without needing even a single drop of water.