Paraphrasing a concept dear to philosophical and aesthetic thought, space exists when room is made: inside and outside, beyond and within, concepts that originate in some way when a physical boundary is defined.

The boundary, an entity that accompanies human history, has taken on various forms and meanings, from impenetrable walls to liminal hedges, a cornerstone of Roman property, thus law, and widely diffused to the present day within the European agrarian landscape. 

The concept of limit does not necessarily imply closure or exclusion, but becomes a fundamental tool of architecture and spatial design. In an extremely interconnected society, the need for privacy and definition of one's own environment appears increasingly necessary.

Ila has always taken great care in the design of fences and linear interior landscaping compositions, combining a taste for timeless design with the contemporary needs related to the management of large spaces, foremost amongst them, the absence of maintenance and durability.