ila en plein air: a new UVR history


“Just try going outside and painting things on the spot! All sort of things happen then.”

Vincent Van Gogh (Letter to Theo, 1885)



ila’s goal and mission has always been to merge Nature and Design, human self-conception of space along with the natural spaces typical of all kinds of Flora.

Inspired by Nature at its wildest state all our creations have succeeded in capturing her powerful essence, thus erasing limites and boundaries that shape our reality and our lives: what’s in and what’s out, natural and artificial, etc.

In a further development of this exciting continual research, ila is now ready to make the next big step and transfer its mastery for the Natural Design to outdoors spaces and the exterior environments.


The Trees, Plants and Vertical Gardens of our new UVR Line have been created with the most advanced techniques and materials. UVR leaves will maintain the same beauty for a long a time even if exposed to sunlight, rain and weather changes.


The calculated taste for lines and gentle curves, the elegance of the compositions of natural green nuances which have distinguished ila’s creations over the years are now available for your outdoor terraces, gardens, courtyards and entrance doors and gates.


Like all great artists, ila is now ready to paint en plein air.