Nature has always been the best teacher for Ila, especially when the landscape seems to have come from the mind of an abstract artist. This is the case with the Lichen Dunes line, inspired by surreal Nordic landscapes populated by bubbles of solidified lava, colonised by lichens.

The unlikely balance between wild nature and the most sophisticated design makes this line truly unique, capable of embellishing the world of vertical gardens with details. The result speaks of distant, almost lunar worlds, combined with the minimal elegance of architectural spaces.

Endowed with subtle, highly realistic shades, the Dunes add a three-dimensional touch to any vertical garden, and can be integrated within larger designs, juxtaposing natural trunks and bushes, resulting in a complex, yet refined decoration.

Ila’s expertise provides with long-lasting creations, maintenance free, completely non-toxic and chemicals-free, compared with stabilized counterparts, ensuring an optimal solution for spaces of every kind and size.