Designing the Fourth Dimension


Vertical Garden

Designing the Fourth Dimension

“Alas, a few years ago, I should have said ‘my universe’: but now my mind has been opened to higher views of things.”

Edwin A. Abbot, Flatland


Since it was first conceived by the minds of philosophers, at the end of 19th century, the idea of a fourth dimension has always charmed and sparked human fantasy hinting at new spaces and sceneries: a new world to discover within our own imagination.

For the mathematician, it represents the possibility of a new geometry - redefining the coordinates of space and time – which, historically, revolutionized the basic assumptions that had lied at the basis of the discipline for centuries.

For the artist, it is an opportunity to open new eyes on worlds and possibilities of representation up until then unexplored. Much like contemporary physicists, painters saw the fourth dimension through the lens of time: an exciting possibility for the depiction of bodily movement and plasticity, achieved by putting time itself upon the canvas.

Similarly for us, thinking fourthdimensionally represents the possibility of innovation from the usual patterns of design. It is a great opportunity to think outside the box and break with traditional arrangements to find inspiration for new revolutionary concepts. In such a spirit, and with the constant desire to always surprise and delight our customers, we devised the new Vertical Garden, a concept destined to reshape the art of interior design.

Vertical Gardens redefine the idea of space itself. Whereas traditional décor utilize surface and structure to occupy space, this new breakthrough in garden design provides a great opportunity to create a lighter and wider environment while maintaining a powerful and sublime atmosphere. Indeed, width become length and long becomes large! Vertical Gardens reshape the coordinate system of space inspiring new groundbreaking dimensions of design.

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