Valle dei Templi: timelessness in Sicily


It is very likely to be true, one feels within,

that there was a golden age,

a time in which time was not counted.

It was free from space and number.

It just was,

as the sky was straight and solid above our head and stars

watched over opening themselves like a shining mother.


The first inhabitants of this Earth, who knew the value of beauty and the importance of a sustainable feel for Nature, founded in a strategic position, almost at the center of the world then known, the town of Akragas. Located at the extreme South of Sicily, softly caressed by the Mediterranean Sea, it was impossible for the early settlers of what would become the Latin town of Agrigentum not to feel blessed and thankful to the gods who gifted them with such a rich and amazing landscape. That is why in less than a century they built a series of eleven (the first of the Master Numbers according to Pythagoreans) breathtaking Temples designed to praise and reward the divinities and combine the beauty of what Nature gave them with the Wisdom of the Man’s hands they had accrued.

Even today the Valle dei Templi is a jewel of unparalleled beauty and a heaven on Earth soaked with eternal charm and uncanny mystery. Surprisingly enough, and to add more to the magic of this land, the vegetation in this territory does not limit itself to the Mediterranean types of trees, but it is also very common to find Tropical varieties of plants like MangoPalms, Banana and Yucca Trees.

Even today, just to stand in Agrigento is still a unique sensation; of peace and power. It is like standing in the middle of a magnetic field of history and it is no wonder that this land elicited so many lines written in her praise by the most famous poets and artisans of our ideas.


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