Answers to frequently asked questions

It means that the plants are made of artificial leaves and natural treated trunks.

There is no need for fertilizer because ila international creates plants that do not require any treatment.

They do not require any water.

They do not require any type of potting or transplanting.

No. None of the articles from ila international need soil.

The wood of the trunk has been subjected to special treatments that prevent aging and the intervention of the parasites.

The leaves are artificial and therefore immune to pests, the natural trunks have undergone anti-parasitic treatments.

There are items that are suitable for outside installations in the range of Ila international products. It is recommended that you specify the location where the items will be placed, in your request.

Only occasional cleaning, taking care to dust the product or wash it with plain water.

There is a basic ready made collection, but ila international can produce items of any size and shape, to the customer's specific request.